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Teeth whitening by Phillips Zoom – only $699

Kids Custom mouthguards only $179.

We accept general and emergency vouchers from public hospitals (West Moreton Health)

DVA Dental.

Are you a DVA cardholder?

Your treatment may be gap-free. Call us on (07) 3185 1713 to find out more.

Children's Dental Benefit Scheme.

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) provides up to $1052 over a 2 year period for basic dental for children aged 2 to 17 years old.

Smile Logo.

Are you a Smile member?

We have partnered with Smile to help you access dental care more easily. 

Community Offers

We offer dental education for schools, kindergarten, not-for-profit organisations, and workplaces. 

If you are a sports club, we can help you with dental first aid. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What constitutes a Dental Emergency?

In the event that you need to deal with a dental emergency, do you know what to do to increase the chance of saving your teeth? This guide from the ADA will help assist you in managing emergency dental care, just incase you ever need to use it.  Remember we are here to assist you if this should occur.

What is holistic health dentistry?

We describe holistic dentistry as looking at our patients in their entirety, and not just a mouth (or teeth). Health means harmony between our body & mind. Our mouth is a mirror of our body & mind. When we examine someone’s mouth, if we see signs of other health issues, we will inform you of what we suspect & advise you to get it checked with your GP. It could be as simple as enlarged tonsils, sleep apnoea, undiagnosed diabetes or Vitamin deficiencies or even anxiety and other mental health issues.

These days there is a strong evidence in science about importance of gut health in our overall wellbeing. Our gut starts from our mouth, so keeping a healthy mouth is very important to our general health.

Dentists make me feel anxious, how do you assist me to overcome that?

Our Principle Dentist Dr Uma is well known for her gentle manner that puts her patients at ease and is used to dealing with highly anxious patients. We have longer appointment times so that our patients do not feel rushed and it allows us sufficient time to explain all options and perform treatment.

 We have a dedicated private consultation room that is located away from our reception area and from our surgery room. This is to ensure that you can ask any questions that you have and be assured of patient confidentiality. We also have the option for you to choose what relaxing music you would like to listen to and have a roof mounted TV that has Netflix enabled. 

Please let our friendly staff know when booking your appointment that you’re feeling anxious so that we can support you further. You can be assured that you are in a good, safe and nurturing hands.

Are you a child-friendly?

Yes. We have a dedicated children’s play area with toys, books, puzzles, games as well as an iPad to keep them entertained.

Do you have wheelchair access?

Yes. We are wheelchair friendly and accessible. We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic. Please feel free to call us before your appointment if we can provide further assistance to suit your needs.

I don’t like my smile, what can I do about it?

There are several options that we can talk you through however most often if you’re after an aesthetic solution, veneers can be a great option.

Veneers cover the surface of the tooth and a durable porcelain shells that help to overcome any embarrassment or discomfort from your smile. The help to conceal cracks, gaps, chips and discolouration.  

We custom make the veneers so that they fit the natural shape of your teeth. This makes them very natural and hard to detect that you even have them. 

Can you take X-rays at your clinic?

Yes. All x-rays can be performed at Withcott Dental. We have significantly invested in our equipment and machines so that our patients do not have to travel to Toowoomba for treatment.

Do you accept DVA card?

Withcott Dental welcomes patients who are eligible for dental treatment through Department of Veteran Affairs. Please present your valid DVA card at each visit to our friendly receptionist.

Do you have payment plans available?

Yes. We want everyone to receive the dental treatment that they deserve, no matter what. 

We have a 0% interest free options available.

Are you a preferred provider?

Are you a preferred provider?
We are preferred provider for NIB (and affiliates), CBHS, and Westfund.

We are an approved provider for Smile dental cover. Customers with Smile dental cover can access dental treatment at reduced prices. Health fund partners include the following health insurance providers;

  • GMHBA,
  • Australian Unity,
  • Peoplecare,
  • frank health insurance,
  • health care insurance,
  • my own health insurance and
  • AIA Health Insurance.

The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) has been introduced by the federal government to make that task a little easier if you receive benefits such as Family Tax Benefit A payments. The CDBS helps you keep your kids’ teeth in great shape by providing you with up to $1000 that you can use over a two calendar year period on a range of dental services including examinations, routine cleaning, fillings, and root canals.

You can call our clinic on 07 3185 1713 to check your child’s eligibility for CDBS.

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If you’re a veteran, and a holder of a Gold Card or White Card with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA), you are eligible to receive treatment from any dentist registered to provide services through the Medicare Benefits Scheme. At Withcott Dental, we are registered to provide services through DVA programs.

Gold Card holders will usually have all their dental treatments funded, provided the dentist establishes a clinical need for the treatment, while white card holders receive services in line with their recognised conditions. Depending on the types of treatment you need, the dentist will either be able to perform the work immediately and without approval from the DVA, or will need to seek approval from the department before proceeding.

So for instance, procedures like dental examinations, X-rays and temporary crowns can be done without delay, while some surgical work, dental implants and artificial tooth replacements known as dental prostheses will have to wait till the DVA provides approval.

The good news is that many general dental treatments don’t require approval.

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